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VB Speed Coach is now partnering with Universal Speed Rating to provide athletes with better testing and data to help them grow their speed, agility, and overall performance to improve their game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Universal Speed Rating Assessment? 

The USR Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation designed to measure an athlete's speed and agility. It utilizes the Universal Speed Rating (USR) system, a proprietary algorithm that rates and tracks athletes' performance across various sports. This assessment provides athletes with a detailed analysis of their speed capabilities, identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement

What kind of insights can I expect from a USR Assessment?

From a USR Assessment, you can expect insights into your speed performance, including acceleration, max velocity, and agility. The assessment identifies your strengths and weaknesses, offering a clear direction for targeted training. Additionally, it provides comparative analytics, allowing you to see how your speed stacks up against peers and national benchmarks.

How can speed and agility training improve my performance?

Speed and agility training can significantly improve your performance by enhancing your ability to move quickly and change direction efficiently. This type of training improves your neuromuscular coordination, increases your power output, and reduces your risk of injury. It's beneficial across a wide range of sports, contributing to better overall athletic performance.

How does VB Speed Coach’s training differ from other methods?

VB Speed Coach's training differs from other methods by emphasizing modern, evidence-based techniques focused on developing speed and agility. It incorporates advanced technology and analytics, such as the USR system, to provide personalized training programs. This approach ensures athletes receive targeted training that directly addresses their specific needs and goals.

How long does it take to see improvements with VB Speed Coach?

The time it takes to see improvements with VB Speed Coach can vary based on the athlete's baseline performance, commitment to the training program, and individual physiological factors. However, athletes often begin to notice improvements within a few weeks of consistent training, with more significant gains observable over months of dedicated effort.

What does the USR Assessment include for the price?

For $95, the USR Assessment includes a comprehensive evaluation of your speed and agility, utilizing the Universal Speed Rating system. You'll receive a detailed report outlining your performance metrics, a USR score, and comparative analytics. This assessment provides valuable insights into your current capabilities and areas for improvement.

Can the USR Assessment help me identify my strengths and weaknesses?

Yes, the USR Assessment is specifically designed to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in terms of speed and agility. By analyzing your performance data, it pinpoints areas where you excel and areas that require targeted training. This information is crucial for developing a personalized training plan that addresses your specific needs.

How often should I undergo a USR Assessment?

It's recommended to undergo a USR Assessment weekly (at a minimum, monthly) to monitor your progress and adjust your training program as needed. Regular assessments provide a clear picture of your development over time, allowing for timely modifications to your training to ensure continued improvement.

What are the benefits of working with a Universal Speed Rating Certified Lab?

Being a Universal Speed Rating Certified Lab offers several benefits, including access to the USR platform and analytics, the ability to conduct USR Assessments, and recognition as a certified provider of speed and agility training. Certified Labs are part of a network of elite training facilities, get a true measure of your performance compared to similar athletes across the nation in your age group and sport, enhancing their credibility and attracting athletes seeking top-tier speed development programs.